Motor-One™ Cellphone Headset

Motor-One™ Cellphone Headset
The Motor-One™ Cellphone Headset functions as both a motor headset for Law Enforcement use, and as a Bluetooth® cellphone interface, simultaneously presenting two-way radio traffic and cellular calls to the rider.

The helmet kit offers the convenience of answering a cell phone call and still listening to your two-way radio simultaneously. While using the headset with the two-way radio, audio is available from both earphones. When a cell phone call comes in, radio traffic is routed to one earphone and your cell phone call is routed to the other. A simple push of a button allows for an easy method of answering or hanging up the call.

Works with all voice activated cellular phones.

As more and more departments integrate the use of cell phones for non- emergency communications, this headset offers a safer, hands-free solution for today’s motor officer.

The headset will function in one of the two following modes:

Motor Headset Mode - The headset functions first as a standard motor headset. The microphone and both speakers are dedicated to the two-way radio without need of battery power (the headset can be turned off and/or the internal battery can be dead).

ANSWER switch: Momentary press pushbutton switch. This switch also controls the POWER ON/OFF feature, and the PAIRING
VOLUME switches: Individual momentary press pushbuttons for Volume “UP”, and Volume “DOWN”.

The headset is powered by an internal Li-Ion battery. Use the charger supplied with the headset to charge. DO NOT use any other
charger other than the charger provided with this headset.
NOTE: For longer battery life, leave the charger connected to the headset while the headset is not in use, preferably in a cool dry

Step 1: If headset is powered on, power off by pressing and holding the Answer switch until three beeps occur.
Step2: Power on headset by pressing and holding the Answer switch. Two beeps will occur indicating power on. DO NOT RELEASE
THE SWITCH. Continue holding the switch until a fast hi-lo hi-lo set of beeps occur, then release. Headset is now in pairing mode and
is ready to be “discovered” by the phone. If a key is required by the phone, enter 1234.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not delete the headset from your phone device list. This will cause future pairing problems if attempts are
made to pair your phone to this headset. If this occurs, the headset must be temporarily paired to another device before it can again
be discovered by your phone.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Repeat the Pairing procedure if the headset has been paired to a second phone, and an attempt is being made to
re-establish a pair to the original phone.

Power On: two beeps
Power Off: three beeps
Volume Up: Increasing beep
Volume Down: Decreasing beep
Pairing Mode: fast Hi-Lo Hi-Lo beep
Auto-Disconnect: Decreasing Series of Tones
Auto-Connect: Increasing Series of Tones
Attempted Call Answer/Initiate with Unpaired Headset: slow Hi-Lo Hi-Lo beep

Cellular Mode - the headset can be paired to most cellphones with Bluetooth® capabilities and be used as a cellular headset to initiate or receive phone calls. When a call is in progress, the left speaker switches to the cell call. The right speaker remains connected to the two-way radio. The microphone remains connected to both the two-way radio and the cell call, allowing the rider to communicate over their Public Address or two-way radio without dropping an existing “live” cell call.
NOTE: This headset will also play music, depending on the phone model being used.
NOTE: This headset is auto-connect compatible – when the headset is separated from the phone, the headset will “disconnect” from the phone and will notify the user by playing a decreasing series of tones. When the headset and the phone come within range of each other, they will automatically “re-connect” and notify the user by playing an increasing series of tones.