Patrol / Covert Kits

Patrol Car / Covert Vehicle Kits

The first Patrol / Covert Vehicle Kit with shouldermic and remote capabilities.

This system operates as a conventional Speakermic with an optional earpiece, but also allows the officer the ability to use the system remotely as well. Can be installed in any department issued patrol car or covert vehicle.The officer can now safely position themselves behind patrol car and using their speakermic, can remotely access their PA system and broadcast up to 100 meters in range / line-of-sight.

Features Include:

•Moisture Gasketing: IP67

•Kevlar reinforced cable

•Military spec connectors

•Military grade Amphenol NEXUS MIL-S8805/3 type watertight PTT / PA switches

Additional Feature Options:

•Key the Portable Radio from a vehicle footswitch (Footswitch Option)

•Key the Portable Radio from a center console Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch (Console PTT Option)

•Key the Public Address (PA) from a center console Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch (Console PTT Option)

Note - All operations use the Speakermic Internal Microphone to broadcast

Fully patent protected under United States Patents 6,311,052; 7,062,301; and 7,203,525.

Available Systems

Available Systems

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