Wired Systems

Wired System Overview


Not ready to go wireless yet? Our popular line of Wired Motorcycle Interface Kits offer many different choices and options depending on the motor officer’s needs. All of these systems are built with components of superior quality for long life and durability. Our use of waterproof, noise canceling boom microphones, Kevlar reinforced cable, waterproof PTT switches, and military spec connectors make these Kits the most rugged and durable systems available on the market.

Systems available include:

  • Portable Only: For headset use with a portable radio only-- this kit interfaces the portable radio and allows handlebar PTT (push to talk) with an optional P.A. (Public Address) feature.
  • Mobile Only: This headset kit interfaces only a motorcycle mounted radio and with no ties to your portable radio. Receive and transmit audio is routed to the officers helmet when connected. Handlebar mounted PTT switches are included. Kits are available with or without a P.A. (Public Address) feature.
  • Autoswitching: Our most popular wired interface system. This kit connects both the portable and motorcycle radios to the officer’s helmet headset. While connected to the motor, the officer is provided with receive and transmit capability at the headset using handlebar mounted PTT switches. When the officer disconnects from the motorcycle, all headset receive and transmit operations revert to the portable radio, seamlessly and without the need to change switch settings. Additionally, P.A. (Public Address) capability using the helmet headset is also provided with all Autoswitching Systems.

Systems include:

  • Radio Adaptors
  • Speakermics
  • Breakaway Cables