Wireless Freedom Series

Wireless Freedom Series Overview

PVP Communications is proud to announce the latest in Law Enforcement Helmet Communications. Our Freedom Series Portable-Only line of headsets not only free the Officer from a connection to his Motor, but now provide a “Tether- Free” connection to his belt-mounted Portable Radio. This is particularly significant for Officers who remove their helmets often – since the mating and un-mating of any Helmet-to-Speakermic connectors is eliminated.

The Motor Kit wirelessly provides an additional handlebar remote Portable Radio Push-to-Talk control switch, and also a second Push-to-Talk control switch for PA (Public Address). Activation of the PA feature allows Helmet microphone audio to be wirelessly broadcast over the Motor Siren System. No Motor Kit purchase and/or install is required for Departments with existing PVP Wireless Portable-Only Motor Kits – a simple firmware upgrade to Freedom Series operation is all that’s needed. (Firmware upgrade performed at no charge as a thank you to our loyal existing customers!)


A complete System consists of a Headset (cell phone feature optional), Speakermic, and Portable-Only Wireless Motor Kit.

    With the Helmet removed:

  • Portable Radio microphone and earphone audio are present at the Speakermic.

    When the Rider dons his helmet:

  • The Speakermic is muted, and communications are automatically re-routed to the headset.

  • Earphone Impedance: 25 ohms (12.5 ohms in parallel)
  • Earphone Frequency Response: 300hz - 3.7khz
  • Bluetooth Operating Parameters:
    • 2.1 + EDR Compliant
    • Operating Frequency 2.4Ghz ISM Band
    • 128 Bit Encryption
    • Supported Profiles: SPP, DUN, OBEX OPP, HFP (v.1.5) A2DP, AVRCP, DID and HID
    • CE, IC and FCC Qualified
    • Class 2 Operation – Range up to 30 Meters
    • Transmit Power 7dBm receiver
  • Sensitivity -87dBm
  • Extended Temperature Range from -30C to +85C
  • Battery Life: 16 hours minimum (Radio Mode)
  • Boom Microphone Length: 6.5 +/- .5 inches
  • Microphone Element: Condenser Electret, nonamplified
  • Environmental: Waterproof
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 1Khz—3.5Khz
  • Microphone Pattern: Directional Cardioid, Noisecanceling
  • Microphone Output: 100mV @ 1kHz
    • 7,203,525
    • 6,311,052
    • 7,062,301