Wireless Systems

Wireless Motor One System Overview

As a pioneer in helmet communications, PVP was the first to design and release a wireless system that eliminated the cable between the officer and his motor more than five years ago – and we are proud to say that this concept is now fully patent protected under United States Patents 6,311,052; 7,062,301 and 7,203,525. Today Motor-One Wireless is fast becoming the industry standard nationwide. Offering the versatility of a No-Cables connection along with the reliability you have come to expect from the leaders in police helmet communications. Our wireless technology provides a digital, encrypted, secure signal and allows the rider to change from one motorcycle to another in seconds without the need for special tools or selector switches.

Motor-One Wireless – Best in performance, Ease of Operation and Durability!

When first installed, the Headset is “paired” to the Motor by pressing pairing switches - one at the Motor, and one at the headset. This one-time procedure causes the Headset and Motor to be uniquely dedicated to one another through a secure, encrypted wireless link. This procedure does not need to be repeated, the paired link is “remembered” - even after these devices are powered off.

Whenever the Officer comes within range (30 feet) of his Motor, the two devices will automatically “find” one another and begin their job – which is to act like an invisible “cable” between the Officer and the Motor.

  • Encrypted FHSS Digital Wireless Technology
  • 2.4Ghz operating frequency ensures no interference from Police Radios or Cell Phone Towers
  • Shouldermic/headset quickly mates to motor (one time process, less than 10 seconds – no DIP switches to set, no special tools required)
  • Mating of shouldermic/headset to motor is a unique connection – no switch channels to keep track of, and no possibility of multiple users on the same channel.
  • Independently powered - no draining portable radio battery.
  • Minimum 14 hour (continuous use) charge duration.
  • 1 year warranty